Canton Inn Restaurant
947 North Park Dr. 428-6611
Under $10/Casual/Reservations Recommended/Checks Accepted/Beer and Wine/All Major Credit Cards

Charlie's Mongolian BBQ
315 E. Diamond Ave 423-9897
Under $10/Casual/Reservations Accepted/Beer and Wine/MC-VISA

China King
590 E Diamond Ave. 423-1896
Under $10/Casual/Reservations Recommended/Checks Accepted/Beer and Wine/All Major Credit Cards

China Royal
1448 Green River Rd. 477-5111
Under $10/Casual/No Reservations/Checks Accepted/All Major Credit Cards

China Super Buffet
127 N. Burkhardt Rd. 476-8788
Under $10/Casual/Reservations Recommended/No Alcohol Served/VISA/MC/Dscvr

China Town Buffet
5435 Pearl Dr 425-8146
Under $10/Casusal/Beer&Wine/Checks/Reservations/Visa-MC

China Village
8423 Bell Oaks Dr. Newburgh 858-8238
Under $10/Casual/Reservations Recommended/No Alcohol Served/VISA/MC/Dscvr

Chopstick House Restaurant
5412 E. Indiana 473-5551
Under $10/Casual/Reservations Accepted/Beer and Wine/Credit Cards

Golden Buddha
3221 Taylor Ave. 473-4855 5066 S.R. 261 Newburgh 853-2680
Under $10/Casual/Full Service Bar/VISA/MC/Dscvr

Great Wall Chinese
710 S. Green River Rd 473-6666
Under $10/Casusal/Reservations/Checks/Visa-MC

House of Hong Kong
2618 1st Ave. 424-5615
Under $10/Casual/Reservations Accepted/Credit Cards

Janbo Restaurant
4500 W. Lloyd Expressway 422-8289
Under $10/Casual/Reservations Recommended/Checks Accepted/Beer and Wine/VISA/MC/Dscvr

Lucky Dragon Chinese Restaurant
4313 E. Morgan Ave. 479-5006
Under $10/Casual/Reservations Accepted/Checks Accepted/Beer and Wine/AmExp/MC

Mandarin Garden Chinese Restaurant
2013 N. Green River Rd. 476-7088
Under $10/Casual/Reservations Accepted/Beer and Wine/VISA/MC

Royal Palace Chinese
2070 Morgan Ave. 476-0189
Under $10/Casual/Reservations Recommended/No Alcohol ServedVISA/MC/Dscvr

Shing-Lee Chinese Restaurant
215 Main 464-2769
Under $10/Casual/Reservations Accepted/Full Service Bar/All Major Credit Cards

Taste of China
4579 University Dr. 422-1260
Under $10/Casual/Reservations Accepted/No Alcohol Served

Two Brothers
3806 N 1st Ave. 423-6188
Under $10/Casual/Reservations/MC,Visa,DC

Yen Ching Chinese Restaurant
406 S Green River Rd 474-0181
Under $10/Casual/Reservations Accepted/All Major Credit Cards/Full Bar