Proposed city budget sets aside $2 million for road repairs

Come springtime, you may be seeing more road improvements.

That's because the city's proposed budget for 2013 has set aside an extra couple hundred thousand dollars for road repairs.

The city is asking for a total of $2 million dollars for street paving.

That's $200,000 more than the budget they've had for the past several years.

City Engineer Pat Keepes says the project list for 2013 hasn't been determined yet.

He says they have an idea of what roads they will consider, but that may change, especially after the winter.

He does say areas that have heavy traffic are always a priority.

Just how much of a difference can $2 million dollars make?

Keepes says if they were to just overlay roads they could pave as much as 20 miles of road, but there is more to it than that.

"We don't just pave or overlay streets, we do a lot of other repairs. Patches to concrete streets, we do a lot of preventative maintenance, such as crack and joint sealing to the street. And within that there might be some complete reconstruction of segments of streets," says Keepes.

The paving season will start next April or May.

If you have a suggestion for a road that needs to be repaired, you can attend a traveling city hall or you can call the city engineer's office at 812-436-4990.

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