Casual Dining

The Antique Mall Cafe
518 Main Street 484-1066
Lunch Only/Under $10/Casual/No Reservations/Cash and Check

Applebee's Bar & Grill
5100 E. Morgan Ave. 471-0929
5727 Pearl Dr. 426-2006
Under $10/Casual/Full Bar/Credit Cards

Cooper House Kitchens
610 Church St 682-3607
$15-$25/Casusal/Reservations/Checks/Visa,MC,AMExp/Full Bar

Garfield's Restaurant & Pub
7221 E Indiana St. 471-2806
Under $10/Casual/Full Service Bar/Reservations Accepted/No Checks/All Major Credit Cards

Gator's Hot Fish
1203 N. Main St. 424-7733
Under $10/Casual/No Reservations/No Credit Cards/No Alcohol

Hadi Shrine
6 Walnut St 423-4285
Under $10/Casual/No Alcohol/No Reservations/No Checks/All Major Credit Cards

231 W. 2nd St 838-5202
Under $10/Casusal/Full Bar/Checks/Visa,MC,AMExp

Maxine's Cafe and Bakery
1322 N Green River Rd 473-3663
Under $10/Casual/Checks /All Major Credit Cards

T.G.I. Friday's
Eastland Mall/800 N. Green River Rd. 491-8443
Under $10/Casual/Full Bar/No Reservations/No Checks Accepted/All Major Credit Cards