Dreary weather doesn't deter Smothers Park visitors

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - Today's the first holiday since Smothers Park opened a little over a week ago in Owensboro, but was the dreary weather enough to keep people away on their day off?

Labor Day may have gotten off to a little bit of a rainy start at Smothers Park, but that didn't stop visitors from checking it out.

Earlier today the park was empty, but by mid-morning, a handful of visitors were exploring the playground, fountains and water park.

One family even drove to Owensboro from Bowling Green after a friend recommended visiting the newly renovated park.

They looked at pictures online and said they don't do the real thing justice.

Other visitors decided to use their free time to simply walk around.

They said it's nice to be able to enjoy the park, without the larger crowds and high temperatures.

"You know...it's a little chilly, so I probably won't stay out much longer, but it's nice to see it, so I'm glad we rode over," said Janet Dietrich.

The concession stand at Smothers will be open until 8 tonight, so there's still time to stop by, have a snack and enjoy the rest of your day off.

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