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Community remembers young couple as 'happy'

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Residents in Carmi are still trying to understand how something like this could happen in their town and 'why?'

According to the 2010 Census, there are a little over 1,200 people, who live in Norris City, Illinois.

Those 14 News spoke to Saturday say even though not everyone in the community knew Jessica Evans and Jacob Wheeler personally, the town is small enough to make many people there feel as if they've lost a couple of their own.

 "I think everyone's just kind of shocked," said Breanna Bergeron, a friend of Jessica Evans.

Breanna says she went to high school with Jessica, a girl Bergeron describes as outgoing, caring, and sweet.

"I went to school with her for a couple of years. And she went to Crossroads with me at church," recalled Breanna. "I just got back from the funeral. So, you know, they went on and on about how outgoing she was, and artistic, and not afraid to be herself."

Those who saw Jessie and Jacob around town say they seemed to make each other happy. Aaron Summers says the couple was in his pizza restaurant, the night before they went missing.

"They were happy. I mean, she always had a smile on her face, and he seemed, they were happy that night they was in here," Summers said. "It's shocking how close to home it really is. You know? I mean, they were just right here in my restaurant."

Summers says the deaths of Evans and Wheeler are a sensitive subject for those living in this rural, southern Illinois town, and beneath the collective grief of Norris City, a longing for justice exists as well.

"I hope that justice is served and the gentleman gets what's coming to him," said resident Joseph Downing.

"They should have a death penalty in Illinois. People like that, you know, what could possess somebody to do such a horrible thing?" asked Summers.

Officials say an autopsy was scheduled for Wheeler Saturday. Police say formal charges should be set against Danny Coston, some time next week.

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