Biceps, Randy... and my shoes

A few weeks ago I spent some time at Deaconess Gateway's Heart Hospital, speaking with several people involved with the group, Mended Hearts.   It's a national organization with hundreds of chapters all over the country, including one in the greater Evansville area.  Its members help support heart patients as they go through surgeries and rehabilitation.

During my visit, I was asked if I needed help with my equipment (which was appreciated).  This happens fairly regularly, because most days I operate as a Multi-Media Journalist.  Basically, that means I tackle the role of both reporter and photographer.  This fact, I've learned, tends to surprise many people.  Until they see us in person, most assume we work in a traditional two-person team, with a reporter and a photographer.  Some stations do operate this way, but it's becoming more and more common for one person to serve both purposes.  It allows us to cover more stories in a greater number of places… and it allows me to skip arm workouts at the gym.  (But if I'm being honest, I've pretty much been skipping the gym completely here lately!  Whoops!)

I must say, I hadn't worked with a camera all that much before I started this job.  I had my doubts about my photography skills—after all, most of my experience had been in reporting and producing.  Though shooting is still a work in progress, the camera no longer worries me.  It's pretty small.  Not TOO many buttons.  And when there are any problems, I just call our trusty assignment editor/jack-of-all trades, Randy.  He can usually tell me what I'm doing wrong over the phone.  He's saved me more than once!

And while I'm on the subject of being an MMJ, let me touch on one last thing-- my footwear.  A certain fellow reporter of mine who shall remain nameless likes to joke about my shoes when I see him out and about covering stories:)  Admittedly, they are not very stylish.  In my defense, I don't wear them EVERYday.  But, they do make it much easier to carry things up stairs, climb on tractors, walk through fields, etc.  All of that happens sometimes—and heels just aren't that functional.  So instead, I sport New Balance tennis shoes.  My feet appreciate it.


Hope you all had a great day.  And if you see me out with all my equipment, don't worry about helping me carry it.  Just think about what it's doing for my biceps:)

Until next time,