SOS: Speeders on Old State Beware of Rhanda

Reporter: Rhanda Stewart

New Media Producer: Kerry Corum

Slow down! That's what we've been hearing from a lot of Tri-staters who are worried about speeders tearing through their neighborhoods.

After receiving several e-mails about the problem on Old State Road in Vanderburgh County, Rhanda Stewart grabbed her radar gun and went to investigate.

Neighbors Charlotte Bickmeier and Linda Orr have been watching the traffic on Old State Road for a long time. They've lived there most of their lives.

Linda says it's dangerous. "Right along in this area there are dead squirrels, they don't stand chance."

With more subdivisions popping up around them, Linda says there are more cars. "It seems like more traffic here than there used to be."

Charlotte Bickmeier worries, "They just go too fast. I'm afraid we'll get hit going out of driveway. When we have company, you have to worry about people in and out, and I got a dog that gets in the road once in a while."

They both say they are fed up with the speeders.

The speed limit on Old State Road is 40 mph, but the ladies say drivers act like they are on the Interstate.

Linda says, "On Saturday, I saw them. They went 60."

Linda and Charlotte aren't sure if they can stop the speeders, but at least they can say they tried. And neighbors say motorists often run the stop signs at the four-way stop at Old State Road and Boonville-New Harmony Road.

If you're concerned about speeders on your street or in your neighborhood, e-mail Rhanda by clicking here.