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Welcome to the blog!


Thanks so much for checking out this new blog on 14news.com!  As its title suggests, I'm going to be posting about all of the things that go into putting a story together—that don't end up on the news.  Some days there are more of those "things" than others!

No matter what city or station you work for, the goal by news time is for everything to go so smoothly that no one watching has a second thought about what it took to get to that point.  What you (hopefully!) don't see is that sometimes it is a MAJOR challenge.  Timing can be a struggle; sometimes the right people aren't available when you are.  Sometimes important information for a story doesn't get to you until just before you are about to go on TV.  And    then, there are the lovely times when everything falls into place quite nicely. 


One thing that stays pretty constant is the uncertainty and adventure that come along with being a reporter or photographer working in local news.  People sometimes ask if we know what we are covering ahead of time.  Probably 95% of the time, the answer is no!  We usually walk in the door with little to no idea where we will be going or who we will be interviewing.  And that's the challenge every day—to start from scratch and make something happen.  It can be tough, but come 4pm (or 5 or 6 or 10), the show must go on.  That means you've got to find a way to make things work.

I also can't wait to share some of the more amusing things that happen on the job in this blog.  Those moments of levity are important and very welcome, as I'm sure they are in every field.  I just hope they don't often happen while I'm live, because YouTube can make them last forever!

                                                ice cream truck  

I hope you'll stick around and come back again tomorrow.  Who knows what will happen!

Until next time,




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