Red Cross helps displaced residents of the Grandview Towers fire

The Red Cross became home to more than 40 displaced Grandview Towers residents Monday morning.

"These people have been through a traumatic experience, forced out of their home by the fire and smoke," says Red Cross volunteer Ray Sullivan.

Many of the apartment's residents had medical issues. The Red Cross worked through the night with the fire department to find people's medications.

Chaos is the word many people 14 News spoke with used to describe Sunday night's fire.

"I opened the door and there was smoke galore," says Joan Tooley, a resident.

Tooley lived at Grandview Towers for 14 years.

She says she learned how to use the stairs just six months ago, because she had a feeling she would need it.

"I taught myself how to get down the steps, because I walk with a cane. My foot's paralyzed, but I learned how to get out of that building and I got out real well," says Tooley.

Donnie Higgs lives on the fifth floor.

"The firemen had to get some of them out of the apartments because they couldn't come down the stairs by themselves," says Higgs.

"It's scary. I've been there 14 years, so I know who can't come out of their apartments, who is on a wheelchair and who is on a walker," says Tooley.

Many of these residents are thankful for their lives.

"Our firefighters and the police officers and all of them did a good job over there," says Higgs.

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