14 News takes a look at Smothers Park new fountains

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - Friday, 14 News takes a look at the new fountains in Smothers Park, and the guys that designed these were the same ones that designed the Bellagio fountains.

The fountain in the old Smothers Park wasn't exactly high tech.  The fountains in the new Smothers Park are just the opposite.

"It's a copyrighted design, so it can only be Owensboro's fountain," said Operations Manager Tony Cecil. "There's actually multijets and features where they're choreographed to where you have the regular static display it runs a loop. You'll see the three components come into one. The programs can be monitored and changed and choreographed monitored and changed actually from the la studios. It's all choreographed with lighting at night."

The old fountain had to be drained and covered up in the winter months, the new one shines when it's cold outside.

"There's a stainless steel sculpture that sits on top of that," Cecil said. "That sculpture is a piece of art itself. We've added special nossels to it misting nossels and when the temperatures is right at night it will freeze into an ice sculpture that will be up-lit."

The park even has wind sensors to control how high the fountains shoot up.

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