Local Red Cross volunteers ship out to Florida to help with tropical storm

As Floridians brace themselves for Tropical Storm Isaac, the Red Cross is getting ready to respond if needed.

With their luggage safely stowed, two Red Cross volunteers from Princeton were packed and ready to make their 800 mile journey to Florida Friday morning.

"It's kind of an anxious feeling to get down there," says Kevin Harris, one of the volunteers.

With Isaac set to make landfall soon, 22 Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicles, or "ERVs" are already in Florida.

Twenty-eight more, including this one with Kevin Harris and Mike Azzarello are on their way.

"Well you're not afraid, but you're concerned," says Azzarello. "Like I say, I believe in my maker, he's going to take care of me. When I leave I have no fear at all."

Both these guys have years of experience to draw from.

Kevin helped out when Katrina hit.

"That was an eye-opener. I guess ever since then when it's hurricane season I watch the weather," says Harris.

Once they get Orlando, they will meet up with eight other volunteers from the Tri-State and help hand out meals and supplies if people need them.

"It's a good thing to do. It doesn't cost anything to be nice. Besides, the people are very thankful and that's our pay," says Azarello.

The volunteers will be there for at least 21 days.

The Red Cross is currently recruiting disaster volunteers. Training is about to start. If you are interested call them a call.

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