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Henderson middle school taking proactive approach against bullying

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Henderson's North Middle School has a new online survey for parents about bullying, and the school is hoping the responses will lead to better communication to keep bullying from happening.

Principal Chad Thompson at North Middle School tells 14 News that he's putting out this survey now to take a proactive approach against bullying to try to curb potential problems later on. 

A student's cell phone captured a fight in the girls' locker room at Henderson's North Middle School two years ago. The result of bullying.
"It always breaks your heart when something like that happens, but that's a fact of life today.  It's there," said Chad Thompson, Principal at North Middle School.

Thompson says fights and bullying won't be tolerated not under his watch.

"You don't want to wait until something happens. Once again you're being reactive and not proactive," Thompson said.

That's why he's unveiled his new online survey on the school's website. It asks parents, "Has your child been bullied?" If the answer is yes then, "How were they bullied? Were they made fun of? Teased, hit or kicked?"

Thompson says parents' answers to these and other questions will help build communication that can help him and his staff to stop bullying before it starts.

"In looking at the data, it kind of tells you where things are happening. Whether it's in the hallways, in the classrooms, in the bathroom," Thompson said. "It's about educating the kids and about educating the parents and being proactive with both parties."  
Parents 14 News spoke with on Tuesday didn't want to go on camera, but agreed the survey is a good idea.

"If you are being bullied or harassed, make sure that you're communicating. It may not be your parents, communicate with somebody," Thompson said.  

Thompson says he's going to be putting out a student survey soon to hopefully get a better idea of what the students are dealing with when they're in the hallways of North Middle School.  
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