Labor Day travel forecast: More people packing their bags

(CNN) - The last major travel holiday of the summer is expected to be a busy one.

According to a new forecast from AAA, 33 million Americans will enjoy a Labor Day weekend getaway at least 50 miles from home.

That's an increase of 2.9% over last year.

They'll also spend a little bit more on their long weekends, $749 dollars on average, up from $702 in 2011.

The average trip will be about 626 miles.

Half of travelers will stay a little closer to home, between 100 and 400 miles round-trip.

Approximately 2.3 million Americans will travel by rail, bus and cruise ship, AND 2.5 million will take to the skies, thanks to a slight dip in airfares.

The overwhelming majority of travelers will go by car, 85% of them, or about 28.2 million, despite the recent uptick in gas prices. gasoline is still lower than an April peak of $3.94 per gallon, but higher than when AAA did its Labor Day forecasting last August.

Of those looking to trim travel costs, most will skip hotel rooms and stay with family or friends.

Others will cut their trip a little shorter or take a less expensive mode of transportation.

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