Jail Clean-Up Continues

New Media Producer: Brad Maglinger

It's a huge job that will take days. Removing smoke and soot from each nook and crany of the 15,000 square feet on the jail's 3rd floor. The fire, started by an inmate, caused the first evacuation in the jails 35-year history.

"A little under seven minutes, fast evacuation, lucky we didn't lose an employee or inmate," says Vanderburgh County Sheriff Brad Ellsworth.

With 360 riled-up inmates in the streets, it was a situation that could have easily turned violent. Luckily, law enforcement had an arsenal of high-tech weapons at their disposal, such as cayenne pepper and bean bag shotguns. However, not a single shot had to be fired Tuesday.

The clean-up will last through at least Saturday night, and then re-painting will begin. No word when the inmates being housed at other jails will be moved back in.