Taking a Stand: UE's Big Freeze

Taking A Stand: UE's Big Freeze

Hats off to President Kazee and the University of Evansville for implementing an immediate four year freeze on undergraduate tuition for all incoming students.

In this current economic climate, a college education for our children has skyrocketed to a level that prohibits many High School Seniors from continuing their education . It a bold and courage's move on U of E's part. It's a move that only a few Universities in the U.S. have implemented.

What's more impressive and extremely rare, is the brilliant strategic move by Dr Kazee and the Board of Trustees that calls for a new and expanded program in UE's Center for Career Development. It's called Career Advantage. It begins this fall, and the career support begins before the students enrolls at UE , and continues after the student graduates with extensive career preparations and strong alumni networking. In today's challenging job market, a college degree is only a true value if it provides for a career after graduation.

This program makes a University of Evansville education a smart investment. I hope that other universities in the country copy this innovation.

That my stand , what's yours.