Tonight after the Olympics: Local vigil for temple victims

A candlelight vigil tonight on the Evansville riverfront at the Four Freedoms Monument to remember those killed at the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin.  The ceremony starts at eight. There was a public remembrance at the temple featuring US Attorney General Eric Holder.

According to a new report, Kentucky is the worst state in the nation when it comes to toxic air pollution from coal-fired power plants.

An indecent exposure arrest has neighbors talking in a small Ohio County, Kentucky town.

For the eighth and final time, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels leads a day-long motorcycle ride to promote bike safety and awareness.

We'll take you to the Rock the Runway benefit featuring 14News anchors Jackie Monroe and Dan Katz.

And go Team USA and good luck to Evansville native John Nunn who'll be race walking for a medal tomorrow. See you later after the Olympcs.  David James