VHS: "We've taken in a 'crazy' amount of cats this year"

Employees at the Vanderburgh Humane Society struggle daily to find space for all the pets that are coming in this summer.

The number of cat intakes in particular have been overwhelming.

"To take in 1,103 cats in seven months of the year that's just crazy for us. That's a lot of faces, a lot of bodies coming through, a lot of mouths to feed and that really stressful around here," says Sydney Long with the Vanderburgh Humane Society.

Long says they are still overcrowded, but thanks to a growing partnership with various rescues around the country, they are getting some help.

"We sent 20 of them there yesterday, and she called and asked us if we have any to send," says Long.

VHS has sent almost 300 animals to the rescues this year alone.

"A lot of times the cats, some of them have been adopted within minutes of their arrival. They haven't even gotten out of their cages and someone has taken them home," she says.

With new animals coming in daily, the VHS needs support for their Fido Walk fundraiser more than ever.

"Registration is now open for that. It will be held on September 15th. It's one of our biggest fundraisers and it's the fundraiser we gear toward families. We have a charity walk, a 5Krun, and lots of activities and vendors for people and their pets," says Long.

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