Local food drive raises over 4,000 food items and $1,500 in cash

A dragging recession and drought are making donations at food pantries around the community low.

To help out, St. Mary's held their first ever summer food drive for St. Vincent de Paul food pantry and was very successful.

St. Vincent de Paul collected the last of the donations from St. Mary's Christmas in July food drive Tuesday morning.

"This one has raised the most items and cash of all of the ones that we have done in the past," says Laura Forbes, Media Relations Coordinator for St. Mary's Medical Center.

The food drive raised over 4,000 food items and $1,500 in cash.

Sister Donna Herr at St. Vincent de Paul says the donations have been a blessing.

"It seems like our numbers are the highest during the summer months. I think that's probably because the kids are out of school. For the past three months, May, June, July, we've served over 3,000 people," says Sister Donna.

She says that most surprising of all is that they get five to six new families every single day.

The drought is also bringing in less fresh produce than usual, but Sister Donna says she's afraid rising food prices will impact donations.

"I've been forewarned by the company we get our eggs and milk from that both those prices are going to be going up," she says.

But Sister Donna says the community continues to come together to help, and St. Mary's food drive is just one recent example.

"A 13-year-old boy had a birthday party and asked that instead of bringing birthday presents for him, asked people to bring gifts for the pantry, and that was 2 carts full," she says.

You can help by donating. You can find more information on the St. Vincent de Paul website.

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