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Pair told firefighters to get out

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Anthony Werne, 41. (Source: Evansville Police Dept.) Anthony Werne, 41. (Source: Evansville Police Dept.)
Terry Rexing, 39. (Source: Evansville Police Dept.) Terry Rexing, 39. (Source: Evansville Police Dept.)

Two men were arrested for manufacturing methamphetamine charges after the Evansville Fire Department was called to the scene of an apartment fire.

Officials say when the firefighters arrived at 1416 N. Weinbach, they could see the upstairs apartment was on fire.

When firefighters tried to enter the apartment to combat the blaze, officials say the occupants, 41-year-old Anthony Werne and 39-year-old Terry Rexing, told them they did not have their consent to enter the apartment.

Due to the immediate threat to public safety, the firefighters forced their way in.

They found two fires burning in the apartment and extinguished both.

Officials say the firefighters saw multiple items used in the manufacture of meth in the apartment and asked for the Evansville Police Department to respond.

Investigators from the Vanderburgh County Joint Task Force Meth Suppression Unit were also called to the scene.

Police say after obtaining a search warrant for the apartment, the investigators found the remnants of several "one pot" meth labs. They also found several items consistent with the manufacturing of meth.

Investigators say they determined the fires were the result of the suspects combining precursors to create an ammonia gas. The items generated enough heat to catch the container they were in on fire. The second fire was started when the suspects threw the first container into a closet in an attempt to extinguish it. That caught items in the closet on fire.

Werne and Rexing were arrested and charged with Conspiracy to Manufacture Meth and Possession of Precursors. 

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