Free Seminar on Surgical Weight Loss

Free seminar on surgical weight loss

To introduce prospective patients in the Evansville and Owensboro areas to the LAPBAND ® procedure as a surgical alternative to weight loss, a free informational seminar will be held at Executive Inn Rivermont, One Executive Drive , in Owensboro , Ky. on Friday, June 11 at 6:00 p.m. For more information or to make reservations for the seminar, call Lana Yost, Bariatric Surgery Coordinator, at (502) 361-6059.

CARITAS Health Services in nearby Louisville, Ky., has launched a new bariatric program for morbidly obese patients who have repeatedly failed to bring their weight under control with diet, medications, exercise or behavior modification programs.

To help patients achieve "weight loss for life," the CARITAS Bariatric Program combines a minimally invasive surgical option – known as the BioEnterics LAP-BAND â procedure – with a long-term, comprehensive support program.

To introduce the CARITAS program, two surgeons will be conducting a free seminar on the LAP-BAND procedure on Friday, June 11 at 6:00 p.m. at the Executive Inn Rivermont in Owensboro . The seminar is free and open to the public.

The CARITAS program is in direct response to patient demand, said Wanda Moore, R.N., executive director of surgical services at CARITAS Medical Center . "The goal of the program is to improve health, improve quality of life and increase life span," said Moore . "It's not cosmetic – that is a side effect."

Performed laparoscopically, the LAP-BAND ® procedure involves placing a silicone band around the upper portion of the stomach. The band induces weight loss by limiting the amount of food that can be consumed at one time and increasing the time it takes for the stomach to empty. For patients, the combination allows for an earlier and more sustained feeling of fullness.

The LAP-BAND ® procedure will be performed at CARITAS Medical Center by general surgeons John Olsofka, M.D. and Vincent C. Lusco, III, M.D., of Louisville Bariatric Surgical Associates, PSC. "It's really a revolutionary surgical option and a bridge to significant weight loss," said Olsofka. "There's no intestinal re-routing, no cutting or stapling of the stomach wall or bowel, minimal incisions and scarring, all of which reduces pain, hospital length of stay and recovery period."

The LAP-BAND ® , which is adjustable, can be tightened or loosened, via the balloon on its inner surface that can be inflated or deflated with saline, said Olsofka. Adjustments are performed in an outpatient setting in a matter of minutes and are determined by the patient's weight loss, the amount of food that can be comfortably eaten, the exercise routine and other issues surrounding the patient's health. The band also is removable at any time, with the stomach generally restored to its original form and function.

Candidates for the program must be at least 100 pounds over their ideal weight or have a Body Mass Index (BMI) that is more than 35. "Weight and BMI are starting restrictions," said Olsofka. "Additional considerations will include a patient's obesity-related health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea or osteoarthritis."

A patient's pre-surgical work-up will include multiple medical, dietary, psychological and fitness evaluations. LAP-BAND ® patients should expect gradual weight loss of approximately one to two pounds per week on average during the first year. "The CARITAS program offers individuals a chance to take control of their obesity and life," said Moore . "In turn, patients must make a life-time commitment to adopting a new healthy lifestyle to support their weight loss."