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Princeton square is setting for the running of the cow

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It wasn't exactly the running of the bulls on Tuesday night in Princeton, but an escaped cow did have law enforcement running around in circles for a bit.

Thankfully, the chase was caught on tape (video attached with dispatch audio).

Shortly after 11:00 p.m., the Gibson County Sheriff's Office says the report came in of a cow loose on the Princeton square.

"It was in town and it was going through alleyways, through the street. We had to stop traffic," said dispatcher Jessica Carey.

Deputies and Princeton Police Department officers chased it around the square for about 15 minutes.

"It went down West Emerson about 3 blocks before it turned back south and made a complete circle back where it started," said Sgt. James Tapley.

Deputies say they were able to apprehend the cow with the help of a couple jailers from the Gibson County Jail.

"I had its head and its upper body, and Goedde had its torso and middle body. We just kind of rolled our hips and the cow went down," said Sgt. Tapley.

"The cow wanted to go down. Two guys aren't going to take a cow down, usually," said Ryan Scott, who lives in Gibson County.

They were able to catch the cow on a couple different security cameras from the courthouse and from the Community Corrections building.

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