Tonight at 10: Fighting inflation at the grocery store

Food inflation is driving up prices on select items at the grocery and the drought is expected to cause even more pain at the checkout aisle. What can you do to lower costs and still feed your family? Join us for our special report.

New information on a surprise lawsuit to stop the demolition of Roberts Stadium.

Who's getting a raise and how much? The Evansville City Council is expected to tackle that topic tonight.

The Indiana Department of Education says academically challenged schools in Evansville will receive grants of at least $1 million next school year to support improvement efforts.

High blood pressure, diabetes, cancer. We're told these diseases must be caught early. We should be screened and get tested, right?  But is there a down side to early testing?  Ann Komis has our medical breakthrough report.

And our weather...hace much matter what language you is extremely hot and Jeff says it's going to get even hotter this week.

See you at ten, David James