Drought affecting Keep Evansville Beautiful project plans

The intense heat coupled with lack of rain have Keep Evansville Beautiful staff watering like crazy to keep city greenscapes from dying.

A high water bill isn't the only problem, the drought may force K.E.B. to push back some planned projects as well.

"We've had to water, water, water like crazy," says Cheryl Musgrave, President of Keep Evansville Beautiful.

Indiana's lingering drought is turning lawns across the state brown, but K.E.B. staff is working hard to keep that from happening to the trees.

Greenscape Project Coordinator Mike Mcgarrah says a tree may not show stress this year, but if it's not watered properly you might start seeing signs next year.

"Once that happens, pulling a plant such as that out of stress is difficult, they don't recover," says McGarrah.

Altogether, K.E.B. is responsible for maintaining 15 to 20 greenscapes. Volunteers are actively taking care of another 70 other site around the city.

The drought may impact some of K.E.B's plans.

The organization was going to renovate this garden on Fourth and Main, and build a new one on Sycamore, but now both the new garden and the renovation will have to wait.

"The overall ground moisture is simply not there. You'd be digging up dirt, and moving dirt that is severely, its soil structure is not correct," says Musgrave.

K.E.B. officials say October may be too late to start planting, which means, they might have to wait until next March or April to plant.

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