Triple digit heat helps ring in the 110th Anniversary of the air conditioner

This summer's scorchers have been hard enough to handle, but can you imagine having to do it without air conditioning?

This week happens to be the 110th anniversary of the air conditioner being invented.

If your air conditioner goes bust in the triple digit heat, you'll be glad to see Roy Henderson, a service technician for Shekell Inc. in Evansville.

"It's pretty good for those of us who have a hero complex," says Henderson.

While Roy may come to your rescue, it's Willis Carrier you have to thank for the invention.

Carrier made the first air conditioner on July 17th, 1902.

"They revolutionized the world," says Kevin Shekell, President of Shekell Inc.

A.C.'s have been cooling down the world ever since, but rarely have they had to work this hard.

"I don't ever remember getting this hot for so long," Henderson, who has been working long hours to keep up with the demand.

"A typical work week for our residential services technicians ranges anywhere from 40 to 50 hours a week. Our guys have been working 60, 60 plus hours a week."

If you don't want to be one of his customers, Shekell has a tip for you.

"The number one factor that really kills an air conditioning system are dirty filters," he says.

This summer it is especially important for you to keep the filter clean. Henderson says he's seen more dust in the filter this year than ever.

"I think it's because there's been no rain to keep the dust down," says Henderson.

Shekell says this the amount of calls they receive to install and fix air conditioning units have double from this time last year.

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