New website allows you to track bank and credit card complaints

When it comes to our credit cards, we are often slow to change, but that doesn't mean we are always happy with our cards.

In fact the Federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau just a launched a website that tracks complaints against the country's largest banks and their credit cards.

"Where you can actually go in as a consumer into the database and see the complains that have been filed by other credit card users," says David Ely, San Diego State Financial Professor.

The consumer complaint database breaks down the entries by bank, by categories, by zip code and more. There's no personal names used, and only one line if it's been resolved or not. This is by no means a complete report.

"It is some information but users need to understand that it's not a full picture of the credit card industry," says Ely.

Never-the-less, Ely says it could encourage big banks to resolve more consumer complaints.

"No issuer wants to be identified as the institution that has the most complaints filed against it," says Ely.

While it's important to read those complaints, it may not be the first thing you want to look at if you're considering changing credit cards.

Some people the answers people gave were that they look at benefits such as cash back, security and Internet security and the interest rate.

None of that information is in the database.  It does show that the #1 consumer complaint is billing disputes follow by interest rates, account cancellations and credit reports.

While it's credit cards now, the database could expand to include complaints about mortgages and other financial products.

Now as you can imagine the bigger the bank, the more complaints they have against them because they issue the most cards.

So at the top of the list are Capital One, Citibank, Chase and Bank of America.

For more information or to check out the website for yourself click here.

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