KY Storm Damage Sunday, Includes Exclusive Video of Tornado

Ann Moss talked about the tornado that went near her home.
Ann Moss talked about the tornado that went near her home.

Just outside of Morton's Gap, Kentucky, one family was a little closer to the twister than they wanted to be. They even caught it on home video.

Steve and Ann Moss were enjoying a regular Sunday afternoon when things started to turn ugly. Steve grabbed his home video camera and shot these spectacular shots of the tornado as it ripped through Hopkins County. The debris you see flying around is from Hopkins Central High School right up the road.

Ann Moss says, "Over the top of those trees and it started going down and we could see some rotation, and then it would go right back up and then start rotating again. In just about a minute the rotation really started going pretty good. Here where our house is there was no rain, no wind. The only wind seemed to be just coming from the tornado itself where it was pulling things up. We're very, very lucky."

Even though the Moss's didn't see any damage at their home, many other places around the area were not so lucky. One of the most severely damaged homes was a brick house on what's known as "Barnsley Loop" in the Morton's Gap area. The Heartline family has lived in the house for over 40 years. They took cover in their basement just in time. They say their cars in the driveway were picked up by the tornado and their garage was demolished.