Tonight at 10: Tooth Fairy may see decayed teeth under pillow

   Tiny teeth at risk

Fillings, root canals and dental surgery are starting to become the norm for even the tiniest teeth.  In our special report hear what some pediatric dentists say is the main culprit behind this dramatic rise in, what parents can do to "brush up" on the basics when it comes to their child's dental health.

   K-2 hurdles frustrate police

With so many seizures of suspected synthetic marijuana, there's a back log at the lab. That causes a delay in arrests as officials wait for test results.  For police it's an often frustrating arena as they try to do their job to get K-2 off the shelves. 

   Call an ambulance for an ailing ambulance

Gibson County officials deal with an aging fleet of ambulances needing repairs and replacements.

His honor, Stubbs the cat

We'll meet the mayor of a small Alaska town who happens to be a cat.

Heat repeat

And we could see the temperature spike at the century mark Wednesday. I hope you'll join us at ten. David James