Evansville receives federal Clean Fuels Grant

The city's buses are becoming greener. The Metropolitan Evansville Transit System, or METS, has accepted a $175,000 federal Clean Fuels Grant.

A new city trolley along with some of the city's hybrid buses will have new energy efficient cooling systems.

"The end results will be more fuel efficiency, improved engine performance and reduced wear and tear to the engine so they last longer. Thereby saving the city money on fuel and equipment replacement costs," says Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke.

Good for the city's pocket book, and the environment.

"This grant will help us improve our fuel economy about 10 percent, but also reduce gas house emissions by 10 percent," says Todd Robertson, Executive Director of the Evansville Transit System.

The new cooling systems will also be safer than the older ones.

"Sometimes, if you get a leak, you have the possibility of a fire, whereas, this reduces that," says Robertson.

Eleven of the city's 24 hybrid buses will be retro-fitted with the new cooling systems, thanks to the grant.

METS Director Tony Kirkland says the goal is to eventually convert the entire fleet.

"You know, you're going to have a few variables, you're going to have a couple of challenges with anything that's new, so definitely we want to make that possible," says Kirkland.

These improvements were slated to be a capital improvement project, which means had the city not received the grant, local money would have gone toward the project.

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