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Stabbing suspect makes first court appearance

Brian K. Powers. Source: Vanderburgh County Jail. Brian K. Powers. Source: Vanderburgh County Jail.

Shortly after releasing the identity of a "person of interest" in the stabbing at the METS station on Monday, Evansville police picked up 49-year-old Brian K. Powers.

Powers made his first court appearance on Tuesday and is charged with attempted murder with a knife. He's being held in the Vanderburgh County Jail on $100,000 bond.

That stabbing happened in the 100 block of Northwest Sixth Street early Monday morning. That's pretty brazen considering it's within eyesight of EPD Headquarters.

The Evansville Police Department earlier told 14 News that they believe the stabbing at the METS transfer station and the stabbing last week at the Dress Plaza are related.

"These cases are very unusual for Evansville," said EPD Sgt. Jason Cullum.

All three, police say, were asleep when they were attacked.

According to EPD the most recent happened around midnight Monday morning while the victim was lying on a bench at the METS transfer station.

The victim told police he was sleeping on a bench when a man started stabbing him in the neck and chest. The suspect then ran away.

A witness saw the victim lying out on Vine Street and called 911. Police officers set up a perimeter and started searching for the suspect.

"We're relieved at least to think about the fact that these people are gonna be a little more safe and secure on the streets tonight," said Tracy Gorman.

Gorman is the President and CEO of the Evansville Rescue Mission. He says it was a blow to hear about the stabbings.

"Not being able to go to sleep at night knowing whether or not they're going to be safe in a community like this is really unnerving," Gorman said.

Robert Clark avoids that problem by staying at the Rescue Mission. It's been his home for almost a year.

"I'm very grateful and thankful for the Evansville Rescue Mission. It is a safe place. It's been good to me," Clark said.

Clark says he's not sure why men without a place to stay would choose the streets over the shelter.

Gorman assures me it's not because of a lack of beds. One reason may be the rules in place.

"It's not like we have a ton of rules, but we do want to keep the other residents and our staff safe and so every night when someone comes in they're breathilyzed," Gorman said.

Up until this point, Gorman says staying outside had been relatively safe. He thinks these recent stabbings have likely sent a ripple of fear through the homeless community.

This morning's victim in fair condition according to the hospital.

Powers is listed as having a court appearance Tuesday morning.

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