Want to "Salute Our Troops"? Go to a Kangaroo Express

Kangaroo Express convenience stores just kicked off a "Salute Our Troops" campaign.

From now until Labor Day you can go to any Kangaroo Express and make a donation that will go to the USO to support troops.

Employees at a Sebree Kangaroo Express are really getting into the cause.

"Challenges who can collect the most money, just for bragging rights. Right now day shift is just really smoking everybody," says store manager Josh Hearrin.

Hearrin says things started off slow, but employees are having fun with it now.

"We really, really doubled, yesterday we had a record day and I'm hoping to blow that day out of the water," says Hearrin.

Just yesterday they raised $151.

"That really boosted our thoughts of selling more and collecting more for the troops," says one employee.

Money goes straight to the USO, a non-profit that support troops and their families.

"Our foot traffic is gone up significantly," Karin Burgess Brown, the director of the USO in Ft. Campbell.

She says since U.S. troops withdrew from Iraq, the number of families they've been helping has sky-rocketed.

"In May it went up to just about 3,600 people walked through the center. The month before that it was about 2,500."

Kari says another plus of donating to the USO is that it can provide support and money faster than the Federal Government can.

"If there's another flood, for example, and we have families in need, we're gonna make sure those families get some of the house ware they need to get back on their feet."

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