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Some city officials to see five-figure raise

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All city employees received a 2% raise this year. All city employees received a 2% raise this year.

Big raises recommended for select city employees.

The recommendations come from the seven-member Salary Administration Commission which includes the Mayor, members of the City Council, and the City Controller.

Among the employees who could see the largest increase are members of the mayor's staff.

"I don't think it's time to be doing that, with everybody struggling, there's people out here just struggling to eat," said Evansville resident Diana Huebner.

Residents like Huebner say they're shocked to hear of several recommended increases of more than $10,000 a year.

All city employees received a 2% raise this year. These recommendations are additional increases for select employees.

They include an $11,182 increase for the Mayor's Chief of Staff, Stephen Schaefer. The raise would take his salary from $ 63,818 to $ 75,000.

Commission members say the reasons behind the recommended raise are increased duties, and the fact that other Indiana cities are offering larger salaries.

"For similar type work, they should probably get paid more," said City Controller & Salary Administration Commission Member Russell Lloyd.

The same is true for the Mayor's Press Secretary, Ella Johnson-Watson. She's up for a $10, 782 raise. The increase would take her salary from $ 37,217 to $ 48,000.

Commission members say Johnson-Watson is in charge of keeping up with things like the Mayor's Youtube channel, which takes extra time and skill.

"Someone that's more technology savvy than somebody 10 years ago," Lloyd said.

Also in the recommended raises is Building Commission Project Manager, Roseann Young. She is set to receive a raise of more than $11,300.

Other raises land somewhere between $1,700 and $7,100 in departments including the Levee Authority, Department of Metropolitan Development, and Evansville's Water & Sewer Utility.

City Officials say it's been more than five years that many of these positions have had major raises. Since then, responsibilities and titles have changed.

Some residents say they're okay with the recommendations.

"Staff members who are multi-tasking, who are actually doing something, they deserve the raise," said Kirsten Cahill.

Other residents say no way.

"I think we are all multi-tasking in our jobs, $10,000 that just too much, I don't know who deserves that kind of a raise," said Huebner.

County employees received no raise last year. The Evansville City Council is expected to vote on these raises at its next meeting on July 23rd.

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