Tonight at 10: EPD on scene after 2 found dead in mobile home

A death investigation in Evansville after two people are found deceased in a mobile home.

Hunting for a big snake. New information on who's now searching for a 13-foot-long python

Patriot Coal is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection citing reduced demand for coal and rising costs.

Owensboro officials announce plans for a 15-foot wide shared-use path along its riverfront.

The Princeton City Council ponders a big increase in sewer rates.

Governor Pat Quinn signs a new law to help more Illinois veterans find employment following their service to our country.

From head trauma to stroke to multiple sclerosis... a potentially dangerous condition can strike people with these and other problems. Now a shocking new device can help patients stay on their feet and out of wheelchairs.

And rockin' to the 80s in the weather department.

See you at ten, David James