House destroyed by fire in Western Vanderburgh

According to the National Fire Protection Association, more fires are reported on the 4th of July than any other day of the year, and this year, extreme heat is making the job even more brutal for firefighters.

Everyone knows it takes water to fight fires, but on this day, it took more of it a lot more in white foam cups and bottles to tackle a house fire on Evansville's west side. The fire broke out on Trillium Way around 1 p.m.  on Wednesday as temps outside crossed into 100-degree territory.

"You can't do very much for very long before the heat gets to you," said Perry Township Fire Chief Jerry Bulger.

Bulger was among the first on scene to the three-alarm fire. That status opened up the fire for all Vanderburgh County units to respond. For two hours, they attacked the house from all sides. 50 firefighters fighting the heat along with the flames.

"That's why I called in more man power so we can rotate people in and out, so people can be rehabbing while people are working," Bulger said. 

Rehabbing, getting water to fire crews, putting fans out with misters, and getting them into the shade. Firefighters were told to get their gear off as soon as they rotated out of the fire, and it seemed to work.

"I have not had any reports of overheating to my knowledge. It got awful hot, but nothing serious," Bulger said.

As for those who lived there Candi Huston, the homeowner said," I'm doing okay. It's hard to see. It's hard to see."

Huston says she was swimming at a friends house when she got the call that her home was on fire. 

"I just ran over there and gave her a big hug and kiss because I was just so glad that she wasn't in there and that she was okay," said Kelsey Payne, Huston's daughter.

No one was home when the house caught fire, not even the two family dogs, and for that they're grateful. The home is a total loss.

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