Damage from fireworks may not be covered

Many Indiana counties now have a personal fireworks ban in place.

If you ignore that ban and end up damaging your property through the use of fireworks, you may not be able to file an insurance claim.

That's according to the Indiana Department of Insurance.

The department says many policies state they won't cover people for damages stemming from an illegal act they commit.

In a press release this week Indiana Insurance Commissioner Stephen W. Robertson said, "If someone using fireworks accidentally starts a fire, to their own property or that of their neighbors, they may not be able to turn to their insurance company for reimbursement.  I encourage people to consider the consequences before using fireworks this year."

But what if you end up with property damage or injury because of someone else setting off banned fireworks?

The Indiana Department of Insurance says in that case, you may still be able to claim benefits.

If you have problems with a claim, contact the Indiana Department of Insurance at (800) 622-4461 or www.in.gov/idoi.

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