Taking A Stand: Congratulations Victoria National

Congratulations to the Evansville Sports Corporation and United Leasing for successfully launching our first PGA event at Victoria National.  

Although the tournament is just beginning, it looks like the Corporation has a very organized and successful tournament on their hands. I spoke with some of the visiting pros yesterday at the Aztar Pro Am and they are impressed with our city and our home course. 

Regardless of your interest in golf , this tournament and the success of Evansville Sports Corporation is  important  for  all of us in the Tri State.  

It brings wholesome entertainment and sports to our area.  Economically it provides the community with 5 to 6 million in economic impact dollars.  

The long range benefits include building community pride and good community buzz that the Tri-State desperately needs if we are going to recruit talented professionals to live in our town. 

And last but not least, your ticket purchase can help support a local charity. 

So I urge you to get plenty of sunscreen and a hat, and come out to the United Leasing Championship at Victoria National.  

That's my stand.