Construction crews face deadline, heat causes real challenge

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - Rain might have caused flooding in Owensboro on Monday night, but it's still going to be hot on Tuesday.

Construction crews at Smothers Park are facing an August deadline, but with the heat it's been a real challenge.

Workers say one of the toughest jobs is pouring concrete, and to prevent the concrete from setting up to fast, they add ice to cool it down. Workers say they watch each other for signs of heat exhaustion.

"That's the main key right there for people to really do that because someone could be out working by themselves somewhere's and could go down and the rest of the crew wouldn't know about it so it's really important."

"It doesn't just take a minute before somebody's in trouble and didn't even realize it," said Ted, a worker at Smothers Park.

"We take plenty of breaks. Got lots of drinking water on site," said Jeff, who is on the construction crew at the park.

The riverfront park should be finished by late July/early August. Opening day is August 23rd.

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