Train sparks start west side grass fire

Source: Tammy Young Bickle
Source: Tammy Young Bickle

In Vanderburgh County Saturday afternoon, multiple fire agencies respond to a grass fire they say was started by sparks from a passing train.

That fire started just after 1:00 p.m. near Eickhoff Road and University Parkway.

Perry Township fire department says the fire burned on both sides of the road. Once it was out, they spent time wetting down the trees and surrounding land.

Fire officials warn residents just how dangerous fireworks can be in this dry weather.

"Right here's a good example. Just a small spark off a wheel of a train is even less of what a fireworks would cause. So please, we're praying for not many fireworks until the weather gets better," said Perry Township Fire Chief Jerry Bulger.

Fire officials also set up a tent with water and fans, making sure the firefighters stay safe in the heat.

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