Taking a Stand: The Smoking Ban

Smoking Ban supporters won the war against second hand smoke in public places.  Is it constitutional?  I think that remains to be determined, since there are exceptions to the rule.  Is it a move in the right direction for the Health of Indiana?


Effective July 1, 2012, Indiana will be instituting a mandatory state wide smoke free air law. This law mandates that nearly all public places will be smoke free.

A lot of money is being spent, insuring that the smoking ban is understood and enforced.

But what are we doing to help the people who are unfortunately addicted to nicotine in cigarettes?  Not a damn thing!  Smoking is a bad thing and hazardous to our health, but smokers are not bad people.  Smokers deserve our respect , encouragement , and help if they want it to kick the habit.  I'm an ex-smoker and I can tell you it's not easy to quit.  

In 1994 the Federal Government negotiated a settlement with the Tobacco Companies on behalf of smokers, and solely for smokers. 

In Indiana the amount was $5 billion.  How much of that money goes to help smokers.  Very little I'm afraid. 

I have written our State Representative Suzanne Crouch to find out where that money is being spent. I'll let you know what I find.   

I think the smokers and ex-smokers should receive the medical help from this tobacco settlement money to help them quit tobacco if they choose. Smoking is bad, smokers are not.

That's my stand