Taking a Stand: The Ford Center and Roberts Stadium

I have a message for the all of naysayers In our community concerning the new Ford Center... You were wrong.

Throughout its inaugural season, the state-of-the-art facility hosted 118 events and drew visitors to Evansville's downtown.

In seven months, the Ford Center has proven to be a success and a catalyst for economic development.

The Ford Center hosted several sold out events without parking or traffic problems as opponents had predicted.

This week our community settled  another emotional controversy announcing mayor's recommendation to level Roberts Stadium.

I might add that our new Mayor, Lloyd Winnecke, did an excellent job of  leading that  decision in a fair , informed, and sensitive manner.

I hope that our community leaders will waste no time developing a plan to revitalize our water front and a Soft ball complex , as recommended recently by a study initiated by our Economic Development Committee and the Evansville Convention and Visitors Bureau. 

As usual, there will be naysayers that will advocate blocking these projects, but like the false and negative propaganda distributed about our New Ford Center, they will be wrong again.

That's my stand.