Poseyville getting new town hall

POSEYVILLE, IN (WFIE) - After years of planning, Poseyville city officials finally broke ground on a new town hall.

"It's going to really dress up downtown, I can tell you that," says town council president, Bruce Baker.

The new building will be about 2,100 square feet. It will have a drive-through window, a waiting area, office rooms, a room big enough for town hall meetings and more.

"It's going to be partial brick. It's going to have the technology that we need today to conduct business," says Baker.

Most importantly, it'll have space.

Town officials say the current town hall is probably less then 500 square feet.

You have to open a trap door to get to town's documents, and the basement floods so frequently, they keep a sump pump in the corner.

"We keep the minutes upstairs, because we knew they weren't good down here," says Nancy Grimes, the clerk treasurer.

The break room, restroom area, offices and the main room where town business is conducted are all squeezed together. Since there is no room for town meetings, those are held in a building down the street.

With all these short comings, residents are eager for a change.

"The community is thrilled about the improvement. We have full support," says Baker.

"They're going to be going, 'they're sprucing things up.' They're looking toward the future," says Grimes.

The price tag for the new building is $316,000.  Baker says construction should be in full swing by July, and he says the building could be completed as early as four months from now.

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