Taking A Stand: City/County Merger

This November, citizens of Vanderburgh County will vote on the proposal to combine City and  County Government .

Before you make your decision, we suggest you read the plan that the reorganization committee prepared.

You will see that Combined Government is designed to, and must endeavor to:

  • Operate with efficiency, simplicity and clarity
  • Foster and embrace creative , forward thinking solutions to problems facing the community
  • Ensure accountable, transparent and responsive and ethical government
  • Encourage community and stakeholder participation in the civic decision -making process
  • Elect , appoint and employ professional , ethical and qualified leadership
  • Distribute the cost of the Combined Government in a FAIR and Equitable manner
  • And finally, preserve our unique balance of rural and urban lifestyles.

Historically, merged city and county governments are more efficient, financially stable,  and have increased the recruitment of jobs and industry.

For these reasons , I'm going to vote yes for the merger.