Help Me Rhanda... The Eurocork

New Media Producer: Brad Maglinger

Josh Lashlee may be a pro at opening a bottle of wine with a corkscrew, but not everyone is.

"I always have my husband open the wine," says Anne Partridge. "If I'm gonna have some girls over, I ask my husband to open wine before he leaves."

So, is the Eurocork really as easy to use as it looks? Josh is skeptical and so are many of his customers at Three Market Street.

It takes a good 20 seconds, but it did remove the cork from the bottle. "The built in foil cutter doesn't seem to work so well though," Josh says.

With the press of a button, the gadget spits the cork right back out. It works, but would the ladies use it?

"I wouldn't... its gangly and slow," responds Josh.

"It's great if you have arthritis, and I do in my thumb," Suzanne Johnson says.

Anne Partridge, the one who makes her husband open the wine, says she likes it. "For $15, it was fun, and it seems like it will work every time you use it," she says.

Whether it's worth $15 bucks or not, Anne thinks it is a neat toy.