Unsolved Murder: James Anthony Galloway

February 15, 1979

Daviess County, Kentucky

James Anthony Galloway was reported missing in February, 1979 and his body has never been located.

The victim's pickup truck was discovered February 15th, 1979 on Winkler-Mt.Vernon Road near Habit, Kentucky.

Inside the truck, officers discovered a paper towel.

Wrapped inside the towel was a piece of human bone covered in blood. The blood was later determined to be of the same type as the victim but no other evidence has ever been found.

Police believe Galloway is a murder victim, but he's still listed as a missing person. James Anthony Galloway is a white male. He was 38 years old when he disappeared.

If you have any information about his disappearance, contact the Kentucky State Police at 270-826-3312.

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