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Jury trial underway in Memorial Day 2010 beating death

Justin Werner Justin Werner
Bryan Stevenson (Source: WAVE 3 Archives) Bryan Stevenson (Source: WAVE 3 Archives)
Paul DeMoss Paul DeMoss
William Schindler William Schindler
Barbara Lee's Kitchen Barbara Lee's Kitchen

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A jury trial is underway in the case involving a beating death outside a Louisville restaurant. It will be two years this weekend since Bryan Stevenson died while visiting Louisville to play in a softball tournament over Memorial Day.

During Thursday's proceedings, prosecutors called several witnesses to the stand in the manslaughter trial against Justin Werner, a man who police say was involved in the attack on Stevenson outside of Barbara Lee's Kitchen located at 2410 Brownsboro Road in Crescent Hill.

Paul DeMoss of Erlanger, KY was also in town for the softball tournament and described the moment on May 30, 2010 when he found his friend dead.

"I came out that door. And I just automatically, the first thing I see is Bryan laying in the street," DeMoss testified.

Another man who was with Werner, William Schindler, told the jury a fight broke out in the parking lot. According to Schindler, Werner and the rest of his friends tried to leave, but Stevenson wouldn't leave them alone. Schindler testified it all started when someone spit on Werner.

"We proceeded to walk out of the parking lot and we got over to the street and that's when they charged out of the restaurant and screaming," said Schindler.

Later that morning police tracked down four men, including Werner and Schindler. Prosecutors dropped charges against Schindler. Donald Hayes and David Pryor took plea deals in exchange for testifying during Werner's trial.

It's a case that ultimately ends with Stevenson dead at the age of 26.

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