High schooler denied diploma for Tebowing at graduation

Tebowing caught on throughout the nation last year, but there are some places you just shouldn't Tebow.

Like at your high school graduation, when you know it's not permitted, and your mom is one of the teachers.

On a $5 dare from a friend, senior Chuck Shriner crouched into the Tebowing position on stage during the ceremony in Fort Myers, Florida. The principal said he wouldn't be getting his diploma because of the stunt and he made him clean out the gym after the ceremony.

It turns out Shriner got his diploma, and the punishment was all his mom's idea who was a bit miffed at his Tebowing shenanigans.

That punishment has some criticizing C.J's mother.

"I walked in the house, he walked out of his bedroom and he looked at me and he says, 'I can't believe you did that.' And I said, 'And i can't believe you did that.' And then we both just started laughing," says Lori Shriner, C.J.'s mother.

"She's been getting emails, phone calls, all that stuff, about stuff that isn't true," says C.J.

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