COPY-Family of woman with flesh eating bacteria says she's slowly recovering but still critical

The family of Aimee Copeland, the 24-year-old woman battling a flesh eating bacteria said Wednesday she is improving slowly.

The family said doctors performed a tracheotomy Wednesday and she is in respiration therapy to help tissue recovery in her extremities.

Her family said Aimee can feel a tingle in her finger but doctors have told the family they have to amputate her fingers; so now they hope to save her palms.

Her father, Andy Copeland said he's grateful her mind is still fine, "Her intellectual capacity is at 100%, she remembers family events things that we've done in the past and that's very encouraging and that to me is the most important thing of all here."

Andy Copeland said they hope she will continue to recover. "We're just very feeling wonderful about this, seeing the developments that she's had, seeing how strong her spirits are has really been really encouraging."

Andy Copeland also wanted to clear false reports of Aimee reading books. He said she is unable to hold a book but her sister, Paige is reading to her and she's listening to books on CDs.

Aimee Copeland is still in critical condition.