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IN pastor shot and killed, homeless woman charged

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Jaman Iseminger with his wife and daughter. Source: Facebook Jaman Iseminger with his wife and daughter. Source: Facebook

An Indiana pastor with strong ties to Evansville and Boonville is killed when he's shot inside his church.

It happened in Indianapolis, but that pastor has deep ties to the tri-state.

Police say a homeless woman shot and killed Reverend Jaman Iseminger, the pastor at Bethel Community Church, and member of the Bethel Ministerial Association.

According to WTHR in Indianapolis, Jaman Iseminger was shot as members arrived at Bethel Community Church to clean up a nearby cemetery. Parishioners gathered in disbelief after hearing the pastor was dead. According to police, the 29-year-old arrived to the church along Southport Road to greet members who were coming in to clean up the cemetery next door. Instead, he was confronted by a homeless woman, later identified as 46-year-old Lori Ann Barcroft, inside the church. Investigators say she pulled out a gun, shot him, then left.

Following his death, Iseminger leaves behind a wife and a two-year-old daughter. Those we spoke to on Saturday say that he will be dearly missed as a father, husband, friend, and public servant.

Those that knew 29-year-old Jaman Iseminger say that he was passionate about his ministry, had a great sense of humor, and had an unconventional approach when preaching the word of God.

"I think his family and friends would describe him as a man who was bold, and was funny, and was crazy, and quirky, and was never afraid to be who he was," said Iseminger's friend, Ashley Elliott.

Pastor Stephen Schwambach of Bethel Temple in Evansville says many tri-staters knew Jaman through church camp, and that he had recently returned from mission work in Africa. Schwambach also says that on Sunday morning, Iseminger's sermon was going to be on the topic of pastor slayings worldwide.

"His message tomorrow was to let his congregation know that there are many pastors worldwide who are dying for their faith. And of course, it is as painful an irony as you can possibly imagine, that he became one of those pastors," said Schwambach.

Schwambach also says that Iseminger was willing to help anyone at any time, and that his kindness may have ultimately lead to his death.

"He was one of those young men who would, at any time of the day or night, respond to a need. And so it is not at all surprising to his congregation that he was responsive to this homeless woman who showed up at his church at 7 a.m. this morning. He was just being who he is, a man of God ready to help," said Schwambach.

For now, Iseminger's friends say that they and his family are simply in shock, in the wake of his death.

"His legacy he would want to leave is, 'give your heart to God now, because you never know if you're going to have tomorrow', and that's how he lived his life," said Elliot.

Indy Metro Police say that it isn't clear why Barcroft shot Iseminger. According to detectives, she confessed to the shooting and now faces murder charges.

He was a member of the Bethel Ministerial Association and worked with Boonville Worship Center and Bethel Temple in Evansville.

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