First graders at Fairlawn prepare to go to college

They may only be seven years old, but kids at Fairlawn Elementary have no doubts about college. Not only do they have universities picked out, they know the fight song too.

"Each classroom has selected a college and we study it. We take virtual tours. Some students are able to actually go on a field trip to their university and throughout the year we just talk about what needs to be done to be prepared for college," says Angie Grayson, a first grade teacher.

Each of four homerooms studied a different Indiana University: IU, Purdue, UE and Ball State.

The early preparation doesn't last just one year. Each year until fifth grade students will focus on a different university.

"I think it just established higher expectations. We show the kids we know they can do it,'' says Grayson.

After the ceremony, students released balloons in their school colors. Every balloon had a message from a child along with the name of their favorite university.

If you happen to see one a balloon in your yard, or on the street, the students want you to reply and tell them about the college you went to.

Hopefully, you don't have a dog says first grader Hannah Conner, "The card's going to land in their yard... I hope. And i hope they don't have a dog so they don't tear it up."

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