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Homeowner in February robbery facing murder charges

Source: Vanderburgh Co. Jail Source: Vanderburgh Co. Jail

A 14 News update on a home invasion robbery investigation and deadly crash in Vanderburgh County.

A grand jury has indicted the homeowner involved in that crash on Big Cynthiana Road on several charges, including murder.

That grand jury indictment came down around 9:00 a.m. Friday. 

Ira Beumer has officially been indicted on charges of murder, attempted murder and aggravated battery.

The indictment comes as a result of that crash on Big Cynthiana Road in February.

"This is the most traumatic thing I've ever dealt with in my life," Beumer told 14 News.

In a 14 News interview in February, Beumer told us a group of men surprised him outside his home on Big Cynthiana Road around 2:30 a.m., forced him inside and robbed him at gunpoint.

Beumer said the men threatened to kill him and his wife.

"I was just in fear for my family. I thought that we were indeed going to die," Beumer said.

When the men left, Beumer says he thought they may have taken his 12-year-old daughter with them.

"I started to follow them and they hit this sweeping curb, lost control of their vehicle, went into a yard. Created a huge dust cloud and they had come back onto the road, and that's when we collided," Beumer told us in February.

One of the alleged robbers died in the crash, another was critically injured.

In the crash report from the Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office, Beumer is quoted as saying to a deputy "I rammed them, I was trying to kill them."

Then later in the report, it says Beumer stated he did not intentionally collide into the rear of the other vehicle.

All of this led to a grand jury indictment unsealed early Friday morning.

The Vanderburgh County Prosecutor's Office won't say much about what many see as a controversial indictment, for legal reasons.

"Legally, the grand jury proceedings are confidential. To honor that then, it's best to remain silent," said Vanderburgh Co. Deputy Prosecutor Malcolm Gwinn

One thing they will say is that a grand jury indictment is a long way from a jury conviction.

"It's a charge, it's an allegation and now it's poised to go forward to determine whether or not he's going to be convicted or acquitted or plead guilty to some offense," Gwinn said.

Beumer turned himself in to authorities Friday and is now being held in the Vanderburgh County Jail.

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