SOS: Shelby Avenue Speeders

Reporter: Rhanda Stewart

New Media Producer: Kerry Corum

Are speeding cars a problem in your neighborhood? Do you worry about the safety of your children?

Rhanda Stewart continues our special report, Streets of Speed.

With a two-year-old, a four-year-old and a six-year-old, Rubi Bayer is a busy mom. Rubi says she doesn't feel comfortable letting her kids play in their front yard on Shelby Avenue because of speeders."They'll stop at that yield sign and lay rubber go as fast as they can to other end of block."

The speed limit is 30, but Rubi says too many people are going over that."They are going at least 50."

The oldest of Rubi's gang understands her mothers concerns. Daughter Elizabeth says, "There could be cars driving around. I could get hit."

There's a slow start to catching speeders on Shelby Avenue, so Rhanda called in her back up crew: On this rare occasion, under supervision, the Bayer kids are freed from the backyard.

Rhanda: "When a car comes by we are going to hold this in and it's going to tell us how fast they are going."
Kids: "Okay"
Kids: "I see one."
Rhanda: "27" Another car comes along. "All right kids, this is our chance. Buzzz..., 35"
Rhanda to driver: "Do you know how fast you were going?
Driver: "I'm in a hurry, she has to be somewhere."
Rhanda: "Is that a reason to go fast down a street?"
Driver: "No."
Rhanda: "37, he's going fast."
Rhanda to another driver: "Why are you going so fast?"
Driver: "I have no idea, I like going fast."
Rhanda: "How fast do you think you were going?
Driver: "Oh... 15."
Rhanda: "You were going 37. Do you see a lot of kids out here? Do you worry about running over them?"
Driver: "No"
Rhanda: "Why doesn't it worry you?"
Driver: "Because I got a foot. I know how to use it."
Rhanda: "But do you realize if you're going 37, it's not so easy to stop, if even if you are going the speed limit?"
Driver: "Well, sure I do."
Rhanda: "Are you gonna slow down?"
Driver: "Well, sure"
Rhanda: "Oh yeah, he really slowed it down."

Rhanda will be the first to admit she's driven her car too fast, Rubi says she has too. But it takes a lot more space to stop, the faster you are traveling.

If you're concerned about speeders on your street, you can click on the News page, Streets of Speed, or email Rhanda at with the story.